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Peter Panov
March 21, 2018
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November 9, 2017

Norma Wilson


Born in Philadelphia, Norma Wilson attended The College of Notre Dame in Maryland, where she obtained a BA in Psychology. While raising her own family, Norma studied watercolor and drawing at the Swinburne School of Art in Rhode Island. She later continued her art education in Virginia, expanding to working in a variety of media. She is an award-winning painter of more than 20 years and an art teacher of more than 10 years whose paintings are sold nationally and internationally.

Norma resides and works in a tranquil studio setting in Chesapeake, VA, concentrating on animal portraits which many happy customers say “capture the soul” as well as the likeness of their cherished pets. Norma’s use of color and her ability to see and reproduce the life in the eyes of her animal models are praised by many. Put simply, Norma just loves animals and treasure the time and talent she spends creating lasting images that preserve memories and give joy and comfort to pet owners and to others who “just love animals” too!

Norma Wilson’s collection at Stravitz Art Gallery