National Art Museum of Sport – Artist of the Month December 2015 – Richard Stravitz
December 1, 2015
Chrysler Museum Experience
March 7, 2016

Where Can a Piece of Art Transport You?

I'm Pam, one of the Stravitz Ladies. I'd love to tell you about my favorite "new" painting in our gallery called "Moob".
I can see it from where I sit at my desk.  The artist is, Vladimir Piven.  Vladimir, his wife, and his son have been in our country for a few short months.  They moved to Maryland from Kyiv. 
When I am looking at this oil painting, I am transported to Gorky Park in Moscow, Jardin des Champs-Elysees in Paris or even Central Park in New York City.  I am walking with my love, arm in arm, whispering sweet things.  It is misting rain, but we are in no hurry for dry shelter.  We are in the moment.  No one else exists, no worries, no responsibilities...just us.
Vladimir uses large amounts of paint with his palette knife, this gives his paintings great depth, movement and texture.  He believes that a painting must give its viewer pleasure and positive emotions.
Please come into Stravitz Gallery and gaze at this painting and see where it transports you.