Art Ideas from Your Virginia Beach Vacation

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
March 26, 2018
April 25, 2018

Art Ideas from Your Virginia Beach Vacation

Chuck Larivey yellow sun beach wave

Your walls, empty places and outdoor spaces come to life and bring back wonderful memories when graced with Stravitz Gallery’s endless art ideas of beautiful pieces that can be collected during your vacation travels here in Virginia Beach.  Take a moment and close your eyes – imagine a world without art. It is unimaginable. Throughout history art has enriched the soul and celebrated the beauty, passion, love and even tragedy of nature and humanity.  Art adds color, movement and creativity enhancing our lives, homes, and offices.   Art can bring a beautiful beach, a sunset over the mountains, or an ocean sunrise into your living room.  

We love art at the Richard Stravitz Gallery!  It is our passion and privilege to work in an art gallery, to create art in our working studio/gallery, and to offer beautiful art ideas to our community and visitors alike.   With brush strokes dancing on canvas, artisans creating jewelry, and fingers molding clay to be cast into bronze sculptures – the Stravitz Gallery is alive with imagination.  As artists and art lovers, we love sharing our art, ideas and experience, as well as a cup of coffee or glass of wine, with our customers and friends.

Representing over 100 artists, from contemporary to traditional, local to international, we have an unsurpassed selection of art and personalized art ideas.  As both a studio and gallery, we are in the enviable position of being able to commission art – customized just for you!   Paintings can be resized,  frames changed to match your decor,  jewelry made to order, photographs turned into paintings,  portraits and sculptures of yourself, your loved ones and even your pets can be created.   We even have in-home decorating service to ensure your art selections are perfect to take back to your home, office or outdoor setting.

When you visit an art gallery, the chore of shopping becomes an inspirational experience.   Gone are the hectic crowds or the uncertainty of buying on-line, instead an art gallery is a lovely relaxing place to shop.    With our friendly no-pressure customer service, you can leisurely linger here, while you touch, feel, and study the art that speaks to you.

Art makes very special and meaningful gifts.   Original artworks are timeless treasures with the potential of growing in value and being passed down with love through generations.    In fact, we suggest when you give the gift of art from your vacation that you affix a card to the painting back or sculpture base – with your name, date, occasion and meaning of the gift.

At Stravitz Gallery, in addition to substantial art, we also offer lovely hand painted cards, ornaments, jewelry, quilts and many artful gifts at surprisingly affordable prices.    Gifts from a Stravitz Gallery will be one of the most meaningful and special gifts you will purchase – all while supporting artists, local talent and small businesses!

Please stop by and visit our distinctly unique gallery.   We are happy to ship your gallery purchases for you and we have plenty of free parking, gift wrapping, comfy chairs and coffee brewing just for you!    We look forward to seeing you soon!!