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August 20, 2022
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November 9, 2017

Andrezza Haddaway


Andrezza HaddawayAndrezza was born and raised in the sunniest city of Brazil, Natal, and never thought that one day photography would take her so far from home. For her, photography is about emotions and finding a way to express how she feels and sees the world. Her favorite subjects cycle through seascapes, portraits, still life and nature—where moods, expressions, colors, and atmospheres can be found. Among all of them, portraits have a special meaning to her.  She likes to be friends with her clients where she can talk, laugh, connect and share. “To be able to capture the essence of somebody’s soul is something so particular and private. It makes me feel so grateful to them for letting me in. It fascinates me and fills my heart with joy!”

Fighting against Multiple Sclerosis since her early 20’s has opened her eyes to see that it’s not about the quantity of big moments that you dream to live that count, but to value the quality of the little ones. Having MS didn’t stop her to cross the ocean to live and experience a new culture and adapt to a new country.

“Photography is my passion, it moves me and inspires me everyday. Photography was the bridge that made me meet Matt, my husband, my better half, and brought me here to Virginia Beach”

Andrezza Haddaway’s collection at Stravitz Art Gallery