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October 25, 2017
Melissa Schappell
Melissa Schappell
May 23, 2020

Micha Arkhipoff


Micha Arkhipoff became a professional artist at the age of 20; he is a painter and graphic artist, born in Russia in 1963.

Arkhipoff graduated from the National Institute of Cinema, Theater, and Music – Art Department in 1993 and he immigrated to France the following year where he spent several years in the country enjoying his long-sought artistic freedom. He became a member of the Russian Artist’s Union in Paris.

He began to primarily paint using oil on wood in 1996, developing a remarkable and unique personal technique.

Micha’s artistic style and creative spark emerged very early in his career. His work impresses with true originality of composition, the subtlety of color and a unique three-dimensional method of painting. Micha Arkhipoff captures the picturesque from the most ordinary and casual objects and transforms them into timeless objects of mystical significance. His paintings are replete with symbols and enigmas relating to his own existence using an extremely laborious and complex technique. The world of his paintings is rich, tactile, evocative, boundless and unique for everyone who enters it.

Micha Arkhipoff’s collection at Stravitz Art Gallery