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October 24, 2017
Peter Lampell
April 30, 2019

Peter Panov

Peter Panov

Peter PanovTo describe the theme of Peter Panov’s paintings, you must enter the door into his vast and incredible imagination. He depicts Paris around the 1920s, and elaborately decorates and expands on the idea of “Man and his City”. His characters are recognizable, familiar and yet convey the essence of individual memory and history. Panov’s images are alive with narratives detailing of endless fantasy, joy, musical tales and intriguing places.

By using elements of cubism in his creations, he creates the ambience of that mysterious epoch — a time when artists were creating a revolution in art, architecture, technique, couture and style of living. Being a true master of the brush, Peter embroiders his canvasses with endless detail, making us feel that the city itself molds its inhabitants as much as they create the image of the city that surrounds them.

Because of Peter’s rich and exquisite palette, his pieces can be enjoyed for their decorative value no less than for their themes. His incredible ability to combine textures using either palette knife or brush yields amazing results. It’s a joyful experience just to look at his textures and well-combined shades of colors, which are vibrant and sophisticated. Peter winds the mechanism of our imaginations and converts grey routine into multi-colored serendipitous moments. His ability to discover in every moment of life something special defines the absolute talent that radiates from each of Peter’s masterpieces.

Peter Panov’s collection at Stravitz Art Gallery