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April 28, 2022
Charles-Kello artist
Charles Kello
September 27, 2017

Chuck Larivey

Chuck-Larivey artist photo

Chuck-Larivey artist photoCarrie Turner, editor of Fine Art Views, wrote: Artist Chuck Larivey works primarily as an oil painter. He states that his paintings are typically large-scale landscapes favoring the sun or the moon with dramatic atmospheric translucent light effects merging into the earth’s surface. Chuck has garnered acclaim for the way in which he handles water in his sensitive, atmospheric scenes.

Larivey offered the following statement about his work: “I’m a daily painter exploring the merging of light and water on canvas. It’s a fascination I’ll spend the rest of my time as an artist pursuing and if my painting evokes an emotion, and my experience as an artist is shared, then it becomes worthwhile.”

Art critic Brian Sherwin, editor of The Art Edge, commented on Chuck’s paintings. Sherwin said, “Chuck’s impressive use of light is a joy to observe. His work offers a sense of energy that is truly captivating. The visual impact of his work is heighted by the delicate balance of his painterly marks on canvas.”

Chuck Larivey’s collection at Stravitz Art Gallery