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Chuck Larivey

Chuck-Larivey artist photo

Chuck-Larivey artist photo

Born in 1941, Chuck resides with his wife Brenda in Richmond, Virginia, where his studio is located. Larivey is a daily painter and a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America. He returned to oil painting on March 16, 2009, after a long career as a residential and commercial interior designer. Basically, a self-taught artist, his lifelong interest in the master’s is evident by Larivey’s sensitive approach to light, color, and form which evolved somewhere between classical and impression. His paintings are typically large scale with a wide subject range.  He is known and collected for his Koi and Lily paintings and Venice and atmospheric seascapes and landscapes.

There are two basic approaches seen in Larivey’s style. When in the mood for detail, a more classical approach emerges. However, the most prevalent is abstract realism. Larivey’s brand is fluid abstract brushwork that develops remarkably realistic/dimensional effects at a distance. In either technique, his real subjects are color, movement, luminous light effects, reflections, and atmospheric transparency. The binder is capturing the essence of an emotion successfully.

Larivey paints in series and rotates his subjects to keep the mind fresh. He feels a good subject or series must develop a storyline with the ability to expand over time. In his experience, there are exploratory paintings, sometimes called studies, that lead or culminate to one or more major works and then pause. Pauses or subject rotation is a natural and necessary way to keep any subject fresh.

He has this weird belief a painting should draw you in at a distance and be touchable closeup and personal. And without exception presented properly to the viewing public. And above all, the need to love your work, respect your collector and the value of your work. Larivey passes this on under the banner of Swimming-in-Paint at Crossroads Art Center. Where he can be found weekends mentoring and coaching a group of like minded artists who are pursuing art as a career move.

Carrie Turner, editor of Fine Art Views, wrote: Artist Chuck Larivey works primarily as an oil painter. He states that his paintings are typically large-scale landscapes favoring the sun or the moon with dramatic atmospheric translucent light effects merging into the earth’s surface. Chuck has garnered acclaim for the way in which he handles water in his sensitive, atmospheric scenes.

Larivey offered the following statement about his work: “I’m a daily painter exploring the merging of light and water on canvas. It’s a fascination I’ll spend the rest of my time as an artist pursuing and if my painting evokes an emotion, and my experience as an artist is shared, then it becomes worthwhile.”

Art critic Brian Sherwin, editor of The Art Edge, commented on Chuck’s paintings. Sherwin said, “Chuck’s impressive use of light is a joy to observe. His work offers a sense of energy that is truly captivating. The visual impact of his work is heighted by the delicate balance of his painterly marks on canvas.”

Chuck Larivey’s collection at Stravitz Art Gallery